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Renters Wonder: Er, What's That You Say About "Staging"?

The realtor/property manager/owner isn't selling a house. The stakes are admittedly lower. But they still need to convince someone that the property is worth inhabiting. So you'd think they'd ask the current residents to, well, clean up a bit. It doesn't have to be perfect, but was there a sanitation workers strike in West Philadelphia the day the Springfield Avenue (above) and Powelton shots were taken? Perhaps the Old City renters could have removed the stuff on the bathroom sink just for the photo? Though we think the bag of Halls cough drops do seem propped up in a rather aesthetic fashion. As for the Fairhill apartment on Wishart Street, well, it just seems sad. But at least the person recycles.

· Listing: 5827 Springfield Ave. [Zillow]
· Listing: 322 N. 32nd St. [Zillow]
· Listing: 51 N. 3rd St. [Zillow]
· Listing: 128 W. Wishart St. [Zillow]