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Will Francisville Say Yes to the Three-P Development Strategy?

Developer Michael Loonstyn wants to build a four-story condo at 831-53 N. 19th St., which is at a funky alliterative triangle of Poplar, Parrish and Perkiommen. At the same time, the TBM Group, which tore down the historic church at 19th and Poplar, is hoping to develop five three-story attached houses with two condos in each. In other words: row homes. (They giveth and they taketh away.) Both developments would completely transform the Three-P (patent-pending) area.

Loonstyn is being quite aggressive in his bid to own 19th Street. He just acquired the beloved Mugshots, which is moving from its spot across from Eastern State to 19th and Fairmount (two blocks, for those of you about to start an Occupy Mugshots movement). Mugshots will be in a building with a new Latin restaurant called BlueCat, or as we like to call it, GatoAzul.
Should you want to attend the Francisville community meeting to hear both developers make their pitches for the Three-P area—and vote on the plans—here's the info. You could try getting it from the Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation website, or you could remain sane and not throw your computer across the room.

· When: Mon., Jan. 23, 2012. Doors open: 5:45. Project Viewing, refreshments, sign-in until 6:15. Meeting begins promptly at 6:15
· Where: Second Pilgrim Baptist Church, 15th and Ogden sts.