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Dude, I Got So Wasted in That, Uh, Sustainable House

Drexel University's Smart House project gets kudos in a print article (remember those?) in the February issue of Architectural Record. The story details the university's plan to turn an old frat house into a laboratory for sustainable design and construction methods. The fraternity, Pi Lambda Phi, was in the house until—as Laura Mirviss writes—"an arson incident." Now there's no mention of Drexel on Pi Lambda Phi's website, even on its list of inactive chapters. Hmm. There's surely a story to be told there.

The stone-covered Second Empire house, built in 1872 at 3520 Race Street, has been vacant for about 20 years, and has been hard hit by rain and flooding. Our gallery shows you past, present and future, including some very mod interiors that would look right at home in A Clockwork Orange.

And if you no longer know where to buy magazines (as we recently heard a college student aver), you can, in fact, read this print story online, where it was published in advance so you'd be motivated to buy the magazine. Or something.

At Drexel University, a Green Rebirth Planned for a Former Frat House [Architectural Record]