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"Yes, That's Right, I Just Got in Today From Kalamazoo..."

If moving is too daunting, there's always at-home tourism. Philly has some amazing houses you can stay in if you pretend to be an out-of-towner. For instance, why not stay at "Arthaus Philadelphia"? It's a historically certified 18th-century residence that was once occupied by John Douglass, a captain in George Washington's army. The suite in this home offers a private bedroom and parlor with a working fireplace. The couple who owns the home will cook you breakfast in the morning and give you tips about the area (just go with it). The sofa features "Belgian chenille" and there's an antique wheelchair and a vintage cigarette machine in the parlor. You'll be right near Headhouse Square, so you can finally get to the craft show without it being a shlep. Prices start at $75 per night.

· Listing: Arthaus Philadelphia [Airbnb]