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Club Ozz Under the El: It's a Land of Make Believe, All Right

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We have a lot of love in our hearts right now for Remax's Miguel Melendez, who is engaged in the uphill battle of selling Club Ozz, the "Land of Make Believe for Gentlemen." For historical context, here are what some Yelpers had to say about it when it was still in business:

· Talk to "Pops," the local meth-addict who watches the women "six nights a week," and has six months to live. He'll try to sell you guns. He'll try to get you to go buy sudafed for him. It's the best dance offer in the whole joint, as long as you have a big "no" at the ready. · Good God this place is a train wreck! A little like finding yourself in a David Lynch film, without the pause button. Poor Miguel has to convince someone that they'd want to buy a property under the El, with all the dankness and rumbling; that they'd want to be associated with a tradition of balling up dollar bills and pelting the "girls" with them; that people with money would come to this venue for entertainment; and that it makes sense to make a million-plus for ... well, here's the video.

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