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The Bouvier Mansion Still Hasn't Sold: Is Minimalism to Blame?

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Talk about contrasts: The exterior of this Society Hill manse, which belonged to Jackie O's great-great grandfather, begs for an interior that would gladden the hearts of the furniture-obsessed Keno brothers. But were the twins to step inside, they might be disappointed (simultaneously). The design is relentlessly minimalist— and may not be what someone who wants to own "a piece of history" (as the broker puts it) is looking for. In late September the mansion was featured on Zillow as House of the Week. At that time, it was priced at $3,199,000, but a of couple weeks later it was reduced to $2,990,000. And there it stays, waiting for the right buyer: a person who loves historical facades, fetishizes the Kennedys and can cozy up to a right angle.

· Listing: 260 S. Third St. [Zillow]