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And Now a Public Service Announcement About Our ’Hoods

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We've received a lot of email from readers about our list of neighborhoods (to the right, yes—over there). These emails ask a very good question, like this one from John: "Hello, I like your website, but you seem to have left off a lot of neighborhoods from your Philadelphia list. How about adding some such as: Graduate Hospital, Northern Liberties, and others?" John, we hear you. Let us explain.

A neighborhood doesn't get listed until it is officially categorized in the system. It gets categorized when we write a post that is overwhelmingly about that neighborhood. Tags do not make the neighborhood names appear. Since we've only been up and running a few weeks, we haven't had time to write thorough posts about every neighborhood in the city, but oh! If only you could see the list of neighborhoods we have in our system! You would be so happy.

We are working on this issue, but please send us any neighborhood names you think must be on our list and we'll be sure to add them: Meanwhile, you can always purchase the Philly neighborhoods map poster (pictured). It's very soothing.