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Upside to Global Warming: You Can Have a Koi Pond All Year

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It would seem Philadelphia's role in the school play about climate change is to play the harbinger of doom this winter. It's unfortunate for the fate of the human species but great news for people who are very serious about KOI PONDS. Many real estate listings, do, in fact, put those words in all caps, perhaps thinking that KOI POND aficionados are textually deaf. At any rate, we thought we'd grab a few good KOI POND listings and give you some options.

Location: 4621 Pine St., Apt. G101
Type: Condo
Size: Three bedrooms, two bath, 1,834 sqft
Price: $154,900
Neighborhood: Cedar Park
Notes: This condo complex near Penn is like a secure gated community in the middle of the city. It's not to be confused with the other Garden Court around the corner.
KOI POND: Shared. Maintenance is done by building.

Location: 1517 Kater St.
Type: Townhome
Size: Two bedrooms, two bath, 1,056 sqft
Price: $359,000
Neighborhood: Center City
Notes: This is a beautiful little street, one of those Philly gems. The house has Mexican tile floors, a skyline view and a Jacuzzi tub.
KOI POND: In a secluded bricked garden.

Location: 1523 Pine St.
Type: Townhome
Size: Five bedrooms, two full, two partial
Price: $1,997,000
Neighborhood: Center City
Notes: This five-floor brownstone has an elevator, crown molding, a private roof deck, a sauna and two years of prepaid parking.
KOI POND: Part of a "Zen garden" with a breakfast bar.

Location: 8204 Frontenac St.
Type: Single family home
Size: Three bedrooms, two bath, 1,242 sqft
Price: $219,900
Neighborhood: Rhawnhurst
Notes: Large Cape Cod with plenty of land, including a landscaped fenced-in backyard with a covered patio.
KOI POND: Huge, with a waterfall. Fish may come with the house.

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· Listing: 8204 Frontenac St. [Carp-Banik and Mathew, LLC ]