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Become Stylish By Affiliation Even If You're a Complete Mess

If you invest in this building in Old City, you'll have one of the coolest design and furniture stores in Philly on your property, and thus be able to wear Bumpits with impunity. Minima (or is it minima?), on the first floor, is owned by the gorgeous Eugenie Perret (right), and it's hard to imagine buying the building will transform you into a Turkish beauty. But there are other pluses. If you have even a few businesses or residents, you can live off the income of the building, aka, stay in bed all day, watch The Doctors and imagine they're brilliant clinicians, wear the same bathrobe for days in a row until Minima (minima) has a broken toilet, at which point you can throw on some pajama bottoms, some Uggs and throw a scrunchie in your hair. (You, too, girls.) In other words, you can live like a freelance writer—after, that is, you spend about $2.2 million.

· Listing: 118 N. Third St. [Plumer & Associates]