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Point Breeze Update; Boy Scouts Headquarters; Fallsers

LOGAN SQUARE—The Boy Scouts' fight to buy their building from the city of Philadelphia is over. Like many people and organizations before them, they've concluded that action by City Council is unlikely. What happens to the building next is up in the air. The city still has an offer from Mel Heifitz for $2 million, though. [Inky]

POINT BREEZE—Last night's community meeting made more progress than the last one, which is to say they got through the first presentation on a commercial/residential project on Point Breeze Ave. The complaints from the community were about things like affordable housing, senior housing, rising property taxes, construction employment for locals, long-term employment for locals. According to one observer, there was "some screaming and swearing but the meeting got moved to the church itself and the organizers seemed to tamp it down pretty well." One sour note: An attendee in opposition to the project made some derogatory comments about Mexican construction workers. Can't we all just get along? [Curbed Wire Inbox]

EAST FALLS—Resident Sue Park speaks on video about the corner of Calumet and Skidoo, where people go the wrong way on a bridge. One thing learned from Newsworks' very thorough coverage: People who live in East Falls call themselves "Fallsers." [Newsworks]