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Home With Colonial Pedigree on Sale for Just $375,000

Look, we're not saying Harleysville is centrally located, okay? In fact, it's about 35 miles from Center City. But if you're a history buff—particularly of the colonial America variety—you will be blown away by this house and its 18th-century barn.

The house sits on land that was sold by William Penn to John Longhurst in 1682. Harleysville was officially settled sometime around 1700. The original house on this plot was built in 1750 but burned down. (In 1777, the British burnt down several houses in Harleysville for collaboration with the American Army, so it's possible it happened that way. Or you know, some kid playing with matches.)

From the real estate listing:

Lee Hallman in his book "The 1777 Revolutionary War Encampment at Heckler Plains:" During the last two weeks of 1777, Heckler Plains was the far right of the Continental Line (with the line following the Skippack Creek and the left being at Rt. 73) and served as an artillery park consisting of 40 cannon. After the Battle of Germantown on October 4th, 1777, the army came back to Harleysville where the 1741 barn that stands on Heckler Plains was used as a field hospital. The encampment area included the 590 Quarry Road property, the original circa 1750 house and barn at 590 Quarry Road, although there is no known documentation on the use of this house or barn by Washington's Army. Our favorite fact about the house is that in the early 1800s a woman named Nancy King lived there and had a beer shop. A till under the window in the dining room is probably from her business. She allowed a German school to use her home, but she couldn't get along with them. Alcohol and children do make odd bedfellows.

As for 2012:

Size: Three bedrooms, two baths, on 2.57 acres
Price: $375,000
Outdoor features: Apple tree, terraced gardens, blueberry bushes, grapes, pear trees, two-car garage
Indoor features: Wood mantled wood stove, custom kitchen with farm sink and granite countertops, walk-in closet, pumpkin pine floors, deep window sills.

· Listing: 590 Quarry Road, Harleysville, Pa. [Prudential, Fox & Roach]