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Transplant Asks: Is Pennsport the Right Neighborhood for Me?

A young Asian woman house-hunting in South Philly with her Irish boyfriend has taken to Philadelphia Speaks to solicit advice. She's newly considering Pennsport, which is, according to forum habitues, way ahead of Point Breeze in terms of hipster hotness. (We didn't know Point Breeze was in contention; neither does Point Breeze.) But she has her doubts. Here's what she's heard:

PROS: it's relatively safe and affordable, easy commute to 95/Jersey, possibly the next "hot" neighborhood in Philly, and it has Federal Donuts. CONS: residents are xenophobic, possibly racist, and not many restaurants, cafes, things to do etc.

Hmm. Racism vs. fried dough. Tough call. FedNuts has Grapefruit-Brown Sugar and Passionfruit Poppy donuts, is run by Zahav chef Michael Solomonov, and also serves fried chicken.

But as for the (less delicious) racism, we'll let forum member MizFormaldehyde have the last word:

Yous should be alright in Pennsport. Not to put anybody on the spot,but, you're generally okay if you're not black & looking at places from the Avenue/3rd on East. And you're boyfriend's Irish...he fits in even better. Thread: Young professional considering Pennsport, South Philly [Philadelphia Speaks]