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Is Joey Merlino Living in a Mango Sky?

Philadelphia Mob boss Joey Merlino has moved to Boca Raton, Fla., after being out of prison for just one year. Thus far, here's what we know of Skinny Joey's new home:

1. It's a $400,000 townhouse
2. It's in a "cookie-cutter development."
3. The development is off Interstate 95 and Yamato Road
4. It's on Broken Sound Boulevard
5. The townhouse has two floors
6. It has 2,900 square feet

Using these clues, we've deduced that Merlino's new home could be either a "Guava" or "Mango Sky" townhouse in the Centra community (a Kiwi unit is pictured). Granted, Centra's homes don't typically have as much as 2,900 square feet, but Joey knows how to get things done.

There is another townhouse at Centra on the market right now—a Mango corner townhome for $335,000—but it sounds like living next to Joey isn't much fun. Neighbors complain of banging noises and screaming and fighting, which isn't nearly as creepy as Merlino's Wi-Fi alias: "Pine Barrens."

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