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Cornerspotted: Sixth and Fitzwater Firehouse—for Sale!

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This renovated 19th-century firehouse is the architectural anchor point for the 700 block of Sixth Street, if only because its appearance is so unique. That's partly what gave the location away to Jeremy Krotz, who lives right around the corner and was the first correct guesser to this particular Cornerspotter contest who didn't submit anonymously.

"This block of Sixth Street is one of my favorite in the city, actually," Krotz says. "There are a lot of architecturally interesting houses, like the one pictured, but more impressive is the canopy the trees have over this block and the block just to the south." Kotz works for a retail site selection company, The McDevitt Company, at the Navy Yard, and begins his commute to work on this block. After being asked for more detail about his workplace, Kotz shared this extremely interesting tidbit: "I can tell you that the groundhogs down here are the fattest groundhogs I've ever seen in my life."

The four-floor firehouse is currently owned by lawyer James Funt (who, full disclosure, was acquainted with a Curbed Philly staffer during two months of their eighth-grade year in the 1980s), a former public defender who specializes in civil rights and employment discrimination cases and—fun fact—won the 2010 "Friend of Philadelphia Fire Fighter's Achievement Award."

Here is the house:

Size: 4 beds, 3.5 baths, 3,200 square feet
Outdoor space: roof deck
School drool: In the Meredith Elementary catchment
Old-tyme extra: dumbwaiter
· Listing: 733 S. 6th Street [Keller Williams Center City]

· Cornerspotter Archives [CPHI]