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A Folk Song About SEPTA Called 'We're Getting There'

Perhaps it's not exactly folk, but there's a bit of Bob Dylan/Joan Baez in singer-songwriter Michal Pearl Waldfogel's voice. "We're Getting There" has to be one of our public transportation agency's most widely mocked slogans, but Waldfogel has no hard feelings about SEPTA delays. In fact, she dedicates her song and video—posted this morning on the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities' blog—to SEPTA employees.

We're getting there, so don't despair
Just have some faith and say a prayer.
We're not sure when or even where
We're aimin 'tween the Schyulkill and the Delaware.

We're not New York, we're not D.C.
In the middle we're proud to be
Why be clean or efficient
When what we've got is quite sufficient?
We're getting there, so don't compare
But if you transfer it's an extra fare.

You might think that we are jokin'
We're Serious About Change...or a token.

So bring a book, plan for delay
Know that it may take all day
When the alternative is the PPA

So next time you are really pissed
About the train that you just missed
Do yourself a little favor
Go ahead, talk to your neighbor.

Surrender to public transportation
You learn it's the journey, not the destination
Each trip becomes an exploration
Of local customs in your subway station.

· MOTUnes Monday — We're Getting There [Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities]