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Paging Stephen Starr: County Jail for Sale or Lease

The fact that Stephen Starr is taking over the homeless men's shelter at Ridge Avenue shows he continues to be open to reimagining unusual spaces—in particular, those that once served an underclass. So we're thinking he might want to take a look at the Old Cambria County Jail, a National Historic Landmark, which is being offered for sale or lease. Borough officials are thinking the building, erected in 1874, would be a perfect spot for a "microbrewery or upscale restaurant." True, Ebensberg, Pa., isn't exactly in a thriving metropolis, but Philadelphians are always looking for some new place to go. How many times can one visit Jim Thorpe?

As a side note, there's some interesting Freudian stuff going on with this building. It was designed by Philly architect Edward Haviland, son of Philly architect John Haviland—who built Eastern State Penitentiary. Not only did son Edward join his father's profession, and not only did he build one prison, he built several prisons. Was he trying to live up to his father's expectations? Emulate his father? Compete with him? Surely if he were alive today, he'd been in therapy.

· Former Prison – Development/Business Opportunity [Ebensburg Borough]

Eastern State Penitentiary

2027 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19130