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The Mysterious Condo Amenity Revealed!

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Yesterday we asked readers what the object to the right—featured in a home currently for sale—could possibly be: an elevator, a shower or a Start Trek transporter for home use. You're a smart bunch 'round these parts: 78% guessed it was an elevator, and that's what it is—a pneumatic glass elevator tube," to be precise. Such space-saving elevators may not be the smallest elevators in the world (that's here), but they're still a disaster for the claustrophobe, who might recall a scene more like the above.

Putting such concerns aside, this three-bedroom, four-story Society Hill home has an underground three-car garage, a home gym, a silver-foil bathroom (!) and a community pool. That pool is for the residents of this cluster of square brick buildings, which looks like a giant's mouth filled with crooked old teeth.

Size: 3 beds, 3.5 baths, 2,928 square feet
Outdoor space: Private courtyard, balcony
Extras: 2 wet bars; 3 fireplaces; bathroom with steeaam
Price: $1,499,000
· Listing: 312 S. Front Street [The Condo Shop]
· What In the World Is That Fancy Condo Amenity? [CPHI]