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Stephen Starr Collaborator Puts Chelsea Loft on Market

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Karim Rashid was working as an interior design professor at Philadelphia's University of the Arts when Stephen Starr tapped him to design his new Japanese fusion restaurant Morimoto. At the time, Rashid told the City Paper's A.D. Amorosi, "Stephen's probably the most design-savvy restaurateur in North America." Still, Starr let Rashid make all the decisions, including the choice of the coffinlike space for the restaurant. Rashid's own home—at least this one in New York—is more spacious but has a similar aesthetic—which is to say, very Rashidian. But it's also more mysterious. According to the listing, it has 12 hidden speakers and a number of secret closets. Oh, and a "ballet floor." Rashid designed some of the fixtures in the home, but the new buyer will likely put their own spin on the furnishings.

· Designer Karim Rashid Seeks $2.795 Million for Chelsea Loft [Curbed NY]