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Northern Liberties Is One of 50 Most Stylish Nabes in the World

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According to Complex, Northern Liberties is the 35th Most Stylish Neighborhood in the World. NoLibs is sandwiched in the rankings between Baixo Augusta in Brazil and Tiong Bahru in Singapore. What makes Northern Liberties deserve this vaunted place?

In addition to the influx of young professionals, Complex says:

There are plenty of dope restaurants and bars such as North Third, Standard Tap, the world-famous Silk City and North Bowl. If you travel further north, you'll run into the The Piazza at Schmidts, an 80,000 square-foot open space surrounded by apartment buildings. On the floor level, there are art galleries like The Toothless Cat Gallery, Darlings Diner and bar and killer burgers at P.Y.T. Some thoughts:

1. We did not know people still said "dope."
2. We did not know Silk City was world-famous.
3. We did not know Silk City was in Northern Liberties.
4. Complex is not familiar with the nickname BroLibs.

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