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Tell Us Your Rental Horror Story and Win a Free Month's Rent!

Curbed Philly is looking for rental horror stories. If you're still waking up sweaty in the middle of the night remembering the night a mouse crawled onto your bed or that week you went without heat during a blizzard or the time you moved into an adorable apartment only to discover the kitchen was a model and nothing worked, we want to hear about it. Send a write-up to our tipline and we'll post the story (anonymously) on our site. Readers will vote for the write-up that tells the most horrifying rental experience, and the winner will go up against the winners from all the other Curbed cities. The winner of that contest gets a free month's rent. Non-renters who have post-rental PTSD can play too: They'll get the cash instead of the rent. (Standard contest rules apply.)