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A Six-Bedroom House in University City for Just $165K!

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This seems like a great deal. A three-story, six-bedroom house at 48th and Walton—so close to Baltimore Avenue, you can smell the Laotian/Eritrean/vegan food wafting from the Avenue's stores and restaurants. At the end of the street, there's a church that serves as space for a theater company and a world music series. Across the street there's a restaurant/coffee shop/outdoor cafe, in front of a trolley stop that takes you directly to City Hall.

The area is popular with Penn professors and, increasingly, with Penn students—but it's just far enough from campus that Greek life doesn't touch it. Rents have increased significantly in that area in the last couple years, so an investor could really fix this up and get a great income out of it.

And yet, note the items in the photos. Those are used up bins of kitty litter. A lot of kitty litter. Like, a-cat-hoarder-lived-here-and-was-evicted-but-we-think-there-are-still-some-cats-in-the-wall amount of litter. Is it ever going to be possible to get that cat smell out of there? Listing says the property needs TLC. And about four tons of Febreze.

Size: 6 beds, 2 baths, 2,300 square feet
Price: $164,900
· Listing: 4844 Walton Street [Redfin]