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New Yorker Dares to Comment on Philadelphia Architecture

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Regarding the proposal to paint a mural on the PSFS building, aka the Loews Hotel, a commenter writes: "Hi Philly, I'm an out-of-towner. Let me say I was shocked to read the PSFS building is considered historic. To me, it's a hideous blot on the skyline - another of the identical, stifling, ubiquitous crappy '60s skyscrapers (yes, I've now found out via The Google that it was built in 1932). Honestly, I'm shocked to hear anyone views it as sacrosanct; I'd always figured Philly would look a lot nicer if it were razed or reclad.

"Point being: Paint it, raze it, glass it over, whatever. It's actually very ugly, and doesn't merit being treated with such deference. Isn't there a beautiful (old and historic) church you guys are razing?

"Now THAT is sacrilege. If Philly had any sense, it would've saved the church, and razed this eyesore. WTF?"
MidtownView also wrote: "This also should be guaranteed preservation before ANYONE worries about painting anything on the PSFS building:"

Never mind that many Philadelphians agree. A local feels compelled to write:

"how's the view from up there on that high horse, midtownview?" Another explains why:
"MidtownView: Evidently, you've never posted on a Philly message board before. Rule #1 Never trash or belittle Philly in any way, especially if you're from New York. The knives will come out..." · Should a 'Bunch of Hipsters' Put a Mural on the PSFS Building? [CPHI]