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Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Buys at 10 Rittenhouse

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Gallery of 10 Rittenhouse one- and two-bedrooms by Laura Kicey

10 Rittenhouse, the formerly troubled Robert A.M. Stern-designed historic high-rise on Rittenhouse Square, was at 45 percent occupancy as of February of this year. This was after bankruptcy, sheriff's sale, and after Carl Dranoff took receivership of the building, which—despite its location and design—had not been able to sell its 129 units in a down market. Dranoff's marketing skills and ongoing changes to the building and its amenities have made a difference. This year there have been 46 sales, and Brian Roberts' endorsement—in the form of a purchase at the building—is an important sign.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Roberts purchased more than 6,000 square feet of "raw space" as an investment—which makes us think it may have been the two of the three raw floors called the Rittenhouse Club, which are listed for $15 million. That residence has a private elevator and allows the occupant to enter through the grand old mansion on the park as opposed to the building's main entrance on 18th Street. The Rittenhouse Club has been advertised as 9,153 square feet. Roberts will have Stern design the space. Developing...

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10 Rittenhouse Condominiums

130 S 18th street, Philadelphia, PA 19103