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It May Not Be a Mansion, But It Is 'Mansionesque'

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[Photos by Drew Callaghan]

This unique four-bedroom penthouse is built around a central core that soars 30 feet up. It has private elevator access, parking and a roof deck, and not one detail—from floors to countertops—has been compromised in terms of quality. Given its 4,730 square feet, and that it's part of a larger building, it can't truly be called a mansion. But the listing keenly points out that it is, at the very least, "mansionesque." (It's loftesque as well, but mansionesque sounds better.)

The penthouse has been on the market for six months now, but that's not surprising: It's going to to take someone with vision to understand how to wrangle the space. Like, where are the bookshelves supposed to go? Things of that nature. Now, the skinny:

Size: 4 beds, 4 baths, 4,730 square feet
Extras: Glass-walled lounge, fireplace
Parking: One-car garage
Price: $1,499,900
· Listing: 704-10 S. 10th Street [Estately]