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Atacan Group Responds to Post About Atacan Group

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On Tuesday we published a post titled "Realtor Blog Post That Is Strangely Detached From Reality," pointing to the Atacan Group's blog and its chipper view of Point Breeze. It seemed to us like an odd time for anyone to be blogging about moving to Point Breeze, given the strife that defines the neighborhood right now.

But blogger/realtor Josh Howe (right, with his roommates at a Point Breeze block party) lives in Point Breeze and feels that he was simply pointing out the facts as he knows them—facts that he believes counteract the bad PR the neighborhood has received. He sent us a list of positives and negatives about the community and asked us to post them as a clarification of his point of view.

Positives: 1. You are very close to basically everything. Subway, Italian Market, Sports Complex, East Passyunk Square, lots of bars, byobs and restaurants.

2. Homes are still affordable although prices are going up. Point Breese allows you to be close Center City without paying the high Center City prices. For a first time homebuyer like myself, I wanted to live in the city, but also realized being a young professional on a strict budget; certain areas of the city weren't economical. Point Breeze became a great option for me.

3. Easy commute for anyone working in the city and also easy routes to all major interstates. I personally have a bicycle and take no longer than 1o minutes to reach the center city area.

4. If you own a car, parking in the area is much more available than many other parts of the city.

5. If you're lucky enough to have a rooftop or can afford to build one, views of the city's skyline are beautiful from this vantage point.


1. Some blocks looks more run down than others.

2. Trash and litter really discredit the area's potential.

So there you have it, from a new neighborhood resident.

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