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Menswear Pro Brian Lipstein Doesn't Want to See Your Socks

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Welcome to Racked Philly, where we'll report on retail and fashion comings and goings around town. See a store open, close, or otherwise claim your attention? Hit the tipline, and we'll get right on it.

Sorry, ladies: this week's Racked Philly post is for the guys. Here, Brian Lipstein from Rittenhouse Square's Henry A. Davidsen Master Tailors & Image Consultants shares the must-have menswear trends of the season and reveals the fashion fad that every man needs to ditch, stat.

Henry A. Daviden President Brian Lipstein is all for shopping local—he names Blue Sole Shoes, Duke & Winston, and Barney's Co-Op as his favorite Philly stores—but for the bulk of his wardrobe, Lipstein opts for custom. Keep reading for fashion advice from the sought-after professional image consultant—free of charge.

What are some men's trends for this fall and winter?
Double-breasted suits are back in a big way. We're also seeing wider lapels again on men's suits and shorter pants with little to no break. Color is also definitely being embraced in big way.

Any tips for translating the above for everyday wear?
If you're wearing double breasted, keep it darker in color and remember to always wear the jacket buttoned!

Any fads you consider to be a fashion "don't"?
Shorter pants to the point where you show sock even without walking. This becomes a distraction and draws the eye down, when the goal is to draw the eye up toward the face. You're not helping yourself, plus it just looks funny! Proper length should have one clean break on top of the shoe.

Now that we've covered the trends, what are some items that every man must have in his closet at all times?
Solid navy and charcoal suits; good white and blue shirts; basic red, gold, and blue ties; black and brown shoes and belts to match. All of these items create what us image consultants refer to as a "capsule" wardrobe: each piece within the capsule works with all of the others, which allows you to spend more on quality pieces and less on quantity.

What are you excited to wear this season?
I have a custom navy window-pane suit and pink check shirt in the works. The shirt is outstanding—it's styled with a spread collar and angled French cuffs, and pearl buttons finish off the look. And from our showroom, Blue Claw Co. weekender bags; polo shirts from Philly's own Duke & Winston; John Kochis ties; and Edward Armah pochettes.

What are some common wardrobe mistakes men make?
Buying a suit just because it's inexpensive or on sale—the purchase should be viewed as an investment. Not having items tailored before wearing them is another mistake.

Any last words?
Fit and confidence are ALWAYS in fashion!