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Shooting Photos Inside the Divine Lorraine Is a Hassle

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Philadelphia photographer Chris Crisman now knows what Philadelphia's ruin-porn photographers have know for years: Shooting inside the Divine Lorraine is a real pain in the butt, even if you're with the guy who's got a key. Crisman posted a diary of the day he spent shooting developer Eric Blumenfeld—who's lobbying hard to buy the Lorraine—inside the building for Philadelphia magazine. The circumstances were not ideal:

I have to take a minute and mention that shooting in an abandoned high-rise building has some distinct challenges – like no electricity, or no elevators. This meant we had to hand carry our lights up 10 + flights of stairs, and then run hundreds of feet of extension cord down to our generators to make it all work? Here's a photo he took of the extension cord:

It was easier to take photos of Blumenfeld in his natural habitat: his home garage, where the photographer and his intern were pretty blown away by the Aston Martin, Ferarri and Bentley. Blumenfeld is really into his toys.

Will the Divine Lorraine be just another toy for Blumenfeld? It remains to be seen. For now, Blumenfeld may have the keys to the joint, but he's not yet the owner. Which means there's still time for ruin pornographers—if they can find a way in.

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Divine Lorraine Hotel

699 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123