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Cornerspotted: Green Lane and Cresson St. in Manayunk

Several people got this week's CornerSpotter right, but the first to guess that the 1930 photo was taken at Green Lane and Cresson Street was former Manayunk resident Sean Sullivan, who works at the architecture and design firm of JKR Partners in Center City. Naturally, his line of work helps him Cornerspot.

"Being in architecture, I'm always curious about the built environment and how it got to be the way it is today," Sean said via email. "Besides wasting hours of my life on the usual sites (Facebook, Google Earth, Philly Curbed?you know, all the COOL sites haha), I can spend hours looking through the site's collection of pictures and sure enough, I've seen that picture tons of times. It's amazing how Philadelphia has developed and I don't think a lot of people realize that."

Well, Sean, you win the nonexistent prize for this week! As our teachers used to say, You get the satisfaction of knowing you were best. Or at least fastest.

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