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Divine Lorraine Developer Freaks Out Neighbors With Preliminary Map

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By Chris Lipczynski

North Broad developer Eric Blumenfeld has some rather grandiose plans for the Divine Lorraine Hotel, but nearby residents are worried that the developer's vision is a little too broad—literally.

A preliminary map of Blumenfeld's development shows the scope of his proposal, and it's right on top of some currently occupied homes, which has thoroughly freaked out Blumenfeld's soon-to-be neighbors.

NewsWorks spoke with residents who, in theory, would be "developed over" if Blumenfeld goes ahead with what he calls his "dream plan." One of them, Susan Cranshaw, currently lives where Blumenfeld's Shared Visual Arts Complex would be. She told reporter Elizabeth Fiedler: "When I saw that my house was obliterated—that I was not expecting at all and that was quite a shock."

Blumenfeld claims this initial map is just a first try: "...when you use your imagination you kind of don't live with real barriers. You just pretend you have total access to everything. And then it has to get refined. So neighborhood and community development is a process."

· North Broad neighbors worry they will be pushed out by Divine Lorraine project [Newsworks]

Divine Lorraine Hotel

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