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Email Blast That Won't Make You Want to Punch Your Computer

Today, we got our regular Friday briefing from Technically Media, the Philadelphia-based parent company of Technically Philly and Technically Baltimore. It's called, and like the Curbed newsletter, it's actually a pleasure to see it pop up in your inbox—especially for people interested in real estate, housing, economic development, the built environment and other closely related topics.

Each week the folks at Technically Philly pick the three stories from the week that they think are most likely to spur engagement in civic life. But the email also functions as a curated clearinghouse for Philadelphia-based reporting—like, if you were asleep this past week, here are the three stories you should know about, given who you are.

Admittedly, is still new. "It's something of an experiment," says Technically Media's Chris Wink. "Philadelphia has welcomed nearly 20,000 new college-educated 25- to 34-year-olds in the last decade, and it's my experience that these people are increasingly aware of national and even some international news but less place-based and engaged in local civic life."

If you want to check out the archives and sign up, go here.