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House Hunters: Emergency Shelters Edition

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Mira and her boyfriend Simon love their quirky cottage on River Road in Manayunk, in a neighborhood on the water that feels more like a riverside village than part of a large city—and it's nicely isolated from what Simon calls "Main Street douche-iness." But this week, Mira and Simon are being evacuated due to Hurricane Sandy, and because Mira's mother has had it up to HERE with Mira's pit bull Maxim, the couple must choose between one of the city's three emergency shelters:

1. West Philadelphia High School, 4901 Chestnut Street
2. Roxborough High School, 6498 Ridge Avenue
3. Samuel Fels High School, 5500 Langdon Street

If you also need to be at a shelter rather than your home, now is the time. And stay safe!

· Information for city shelters