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School Claims Its New Location Will Be in East Falls Instead of Germantown and Then Misspells Its Own Name

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By Virginia C. McGuire

Olde City Day School has announced plans to open a third location near the intersection of Pulaski and Chelten Avenue in West Germantown.

But maybe the Germantown address sounds too humble to this center's geographically challenged management, because they're claiming the center is in East Falls, home of Ed Rendell and the childhood home of Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco, also known as Grace Kelly.

"I don't think anyone thinks that's in East Falls," says Gina Snyder, executive director of the nonprofit East Falls Development Corporation. "They want to up their real estate value."

According to Snyder, the accepted border between the two neighborhoods is Wissahickon Avenue. That's easily three blocks from the Flying Horse Center, the office and retail complex where the new school will be located, and just around the corner from the embattled Chelten Plaza development.

Snyder said this is not the first time someone has tried this ploy. A condo development at Morris and Rittenhouse, also situated in West Germantown, tried to market itself as being in East Falls, angering East Falls residents and Germantown residents alike.

Let's just hope the school doesn't plan to offer geography lessons as part of its curriculum.