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Reader: Media Coverage of Point Breeze Is One-Sided

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"Do you guys care about the facts in this fight that Ori Feibush and his friends are picking with Councilman Kenyatta Johnson? If you do, why aren't you guys asking key questions on topics you have posted stories on that are strictly onesided.

For example, on the lot issue, Ori picked a fight with the PRA suppposedly because he wanted the lot next to his coffee shop to look nice for his grand opening. With each new story that was written, he began dropping in that Kenyatta Johnson didn't want him to buy the lot next to the coffee shop. No-one ever asked what the fignt with PRA had to do with Ori's buying the property or what Kenyatta Johnson had to do with it. No-one ever approached Kenyatta for comment, they just continued to print away.

Ori said that he's been trying to buy the lot at 20th and Annin streets since 2008. Kenyatta Johnson took office in January 2012. Anna Verna was in charge of the 2nd District from 2008 until Kenyatta took office. So, why isn't Ori's fight with the previous administration?

"Also, do you guys realize that on Sept. 6, Kenyatta Johnson arranged for someone at the redevelopment authority to sit with Ori and help him fill out an application to buy the lot in question because there was no record of his applying for the lot so that Ori's name could be tossed into the ring to buy the lot and that Ori never showed up?

"Finally on this petition, the latest in the attacks on Kenyatta Johnson, Do you realize that while Kenyatta Johnson introduced the bill, that this is the city's initiative? Do you realize that the monies involved here are federal stimulus dollars that were specifically earmarked for mixed income housing developments. So, the monies can't be spent on police and fire or other city expenses that Ori and his friends cite in this petition they are circulating to scare people.

"The city developed a plan to do mixed income housing - not just in Point Breeze but in at least two other parts of the city when they applied for the federal grant a few years back. So this initiative isn't something that Kenyatta Johnson has come up with to retaliate against Ori Feibush for landscaping the 20th and Annin street lot as Ori claims.

"In fact, Kenyatta Johnson has not responded at all to the lies and atacks. Development in Point Breeze is a controversial issue for sure that should be put out there. But the facts should be included or in the very least attempts should be made to get them!!!!"

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