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Where'd You Rather? A Square Footage Smackdown

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As a complementary tie-in with the Tiny Living post below, we feature two small properties for sale. Both are under 500 square feet, both are roughly the same price per square foot, and they're both on the market at the same price point. But one's a condo and one's a co-op, and the neighborhoods are very different. Which is the better pick? Let us know in the comments!

In Corner 1:

Where: William Penn House, 1919 Chestnut Street #511
What: Studio apartment: co-op How big: 462 square feet

Perks: 24-hour doorman, rooftop pool, gym

HOA dues: $381/month

Price: $115,000

In Corner 2:

Where: TenTen Race, 1010 Race Street #6N
What: Studio apartment: condo
How big: 470 square feet
Perks: 24-hour doorman, gym
HOA dues: $302/month
Price: $118,000

So which will it be?