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Jessie's Ladies Shoppe Makes Way for Mighty Writers 2.0

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Jessie Frisby first rented the space for Jessie's Ladies Shoppe and Herbal Store at 15th and South for $100 a month. That was in 1969, and until a couple months ago, Frisby's store was still right there—the longest-running business on that part of South Street. Now Ms. Frisby has retired, and her space has been reinvented as a new media educational outpost for the literacy nonprofit Mighty Writers. Dubbed Mighty Writers 2.0, Frisby's old space will house MW's new media classes and projects like the kid-run Mighty Post blog and the Mighty Radio Internet station.

This is just one of many recent changes to South Street West. As for the most famous building across the street from MW 2.0, the Royal Theater, it's now off the market.