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We Are a Little Nervous About Submissions to SEPTA's Photo Contest

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Take Instagram photos of SEPTA today—but only today—and you could win Sixers tickets, ski passes or tickets to the Jingle Ball. It's a fun idea, but we can't say it better than philebrity does when they point out that SEPTA might not find the majority of the submissions useful:

They'll get lots of pictures of signs that say Regional Rail is running late, water pouring through the roof at the City Hall station, trash covered tracks, and the like. We would add: dead rats, homeless people in concourses, crushed Cheese Puffs on subway seats, streams of urine trickling down steps, maybe—for the truly eagle-eyed— human poop. For best results, we'd suggest taking 90 percent of the photos on the new Silverliners or the retro trolley that runs on Girard Avenue. Contestants are also supposed to write "what riding SEPTA means to me."

To enter officially, post the photos on Instagram with the hashtag #iseptaphilly. For a less formal approach, feel free to play along in the comments, with or without a link to a photo.