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Welcome to Curbed Philly's First Ever Renter's Week!

A white house with a picket fence might be the American dream, but is it your American dream? Home ownership isn't for everyone. What of the free spirits? The students? The commitment-phobes? The peripatetic? The experimentalists? The overextended? The poorly financed? The disillusioned? The people who simply refuse to spend that much time at Home Depot? For all of those people—and many others who have their reasons—we offer Renters Week, a full-throttle, five-day exploration of all housing set at a monthly rate. Have something you want us to know about the Philly rental scene? Send a note to our tipline: And if you want to feel really terrific about Philly, check out Renters Week on some of our other regional sites, like Curbed NY or Curbed San Francisco. We make out like bandits here!