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Five Rather Unique Properties Available in Philly on AirBnB

For those not familiar, AirBnB is a website where travelers can find non-traditional lodging. In Philly, options might range from some Drexel student's futon to an extravagant penthouse on Rittenhouse Square. Below, five rentals of interest. Feel free to suggest others in the comments or via our tipline.

? 1. Magic Garden Mosaics Apartment
This apartment above South Street's Magic Gardens would be a really great place for artistic out-of-towners to stay, particularly if they favor outsider art. Essentially, it would be like inhabiting Isaiah Zagar's brain, which anyone can tell you is a frightening proposition. Starting rates are $165/night.

? 2. Pegasus Houseboat on the Delaware
The description of this 600-square-foot houseboat with a bedroom and a sleeping loft suggests it accommodates six, but as one guest writes, that many people was "a little snug." We recommend this more as a romantic place to stay—you know, if this boat's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'. Nightly rates range from $125 to $275.

? 3. Former Bakery/Apothecary/Wanamaker Mansion/Ice Cream Store
We have a bit of a mad crush on this West Mt. Airy rental that a design magazine once called "funky charming." It has an unusual amount of outdoor space, including a large private garden and capacious second-floor terrace. And lest visitors doubt they're in Mt. Airy: "An organic-y grocery is steps away. Also by a top indie bkstore. Architectural salvage emporium. Gently-used baby/kid wares store. Community acupuncture center. Yoga, dance, meditation studios -- tai chi and capoeira too. (OK, the Laughter Workshop isn't everyone's cup of tea. :)." Rates start at $185/night.

? 4. As Seen on TV
This rental will be featured on the Live Well Network's show Sweet Retreat in January 2013 as the winner of a competition between three properties. The best thing about this place is the views, for sure. Oh, and this: "Your beds will be freshly made with 600 thread count sheets." That is a seriously high thread count. You'll be close to attractions, but you might not get out of bed. Rates start at $235/night.

? 5. Luxury Loft in Historic District
This 2,000 square foot Old City space named Picasso Loft has two separate bedrooms and incredible views. It really has a sense of industrial history. Rates start at $249/night.