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Philadelphians Prefer Leopard Prints

These days, zebra is the animal print of choice in American homes. Well, most American homes. As usual, Philly is a bit hidebound (heh) as we prefer an older aesthetic: leopard prints. Need proof?

Here's a delicious 3-bedroom on Quince Street—one of the best streets in Philadelphia, without question—that has a leopard-print chair. In this case, it's an understated touch.

These next two photos are from a 3-bedroom house in the Northeast. We are not suprised to see leopard print in the Northeast.

Below, a room from Marcello, an English stone house in East Falls. We love this property.

Finally (though we're certain there's actually no end to this), there's a fairly amazing condo in the White Building that has not only leopard, but also cow and zebra and a Fabergé egg.

Zebra Stripes Are Animal Print of Choice for American Homes [Estately]
· Listing: 3911 Vaux Street
· Listing: 1130-32 Chestnut St. Unit 200
· Listing: 320 S. Quince St.
· Listing: 3038 Disston Street