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Unconventional Selling Point: The Sight of the Melrose Diner

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On one side of Broad, you've got East Passyunk Avenue, a thriving retail strip patronized by an influx of hipster residents and young developers pushing to make the neighborhood a model of happy-go-lucky gentrification. On the other side of Broad, you've got West Passyunk Avenue, a less vibrant strip that (depending on your definition) cuts through the neighborhood of Newbold, which (depending on your definition) is also part of Point Breeze, which (and this is not debatable) is the gentrification clusterfrack of the century.

So this Newbold apartment at 15th and West Passyunk—despite being pretty nice and reasonably priced at $895/month—has some heavy lifting to do to sell itself. The listing's author, Rick, pulls out all the stops.

· "We've listed this 2nd floor apartment as a 1-bedroom unit, but actually it's a 2 bedroom!"
· "You're just a 2-minute walk from the Broad Street Subway. So you have easy & quick access to South Street, Center City, Temple University, etc. within 5-10 minutes of the apartment (that's INCLUDING your time on the train) depending on where you're going."
· "You must meet our high standards to make this property your home." (Reverse psychology.)
· "The property front door will be freshly painted."
· "Stairs to your second floor living space are private & contained within the apartment."
· Right across Broad Street is the ever-expanding & thriving EAST PASSYUNK AVENUE dining & shopping district!

This is our favorite:

· "Straight across the street & out your front bedroom window, you'll see the shining chrome w/bright red & yellow of Philadelphia's famous diner, The Melrose."

Everybody who knows goes to the Melrose—or at least lives nearby.

· Listing: 1509 W. Passyunk Ave. #2 [Philly Abodes]