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Main Street Market Expands Into Coveted Corner Storefront

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By Virginia C. McGuire

If the staff of Main Street Market in Manayunk all look a little alike, it's because most of them are related. Owner Richard Rivera employs his two daughters and his sons in the newly expanded market, which reopened on November 8th after being closed since the beginning of the summer. The store now occupies its original space, plus the coveted corner storefront once occupied by a Saxby's Coffee shop.

The market is meant to mimic the neighborhood markets in Europe or the bodegas of New York City, Rivera says. The idea is that you would buy just what you need for each day. The market has a small produce section, a deli with gourmet meats and cheeses, and an expanded coffee bar. "We source as much local as we can."

The new store also has a basement lounge with free wifi.

Manayunk has no shortage of coffee shops, but Main Street Market won't face much competition in the grocery department. The only similar store is more of a convenience store, Rivera says.

We think the new space is pretty, and the case of specialty cheeses is mighty tempting. In a walkable neighborhood like Manayunk, this place should do just fine.