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Next Up for Point Breeze: Taking a Coffee Shop to Court

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Photos of the cafe in question as well as some buildings and houses nearby. Gallery by Laura Kicey.

The most recent neighborhood dustup is a lawsuit against the Zoning Board filed by Theresa McCormick, of the Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze, regarding the coffee shop owned by Ori Feibush. Yes, that Ori Feibush. The developer who owns OCF Realty and was the central figure of Lotgate. The Lotgate coffee shop (at 20th and Federal) is the subject of the suit: The space was not originally zoned for a 30-seat take-out/eat-in establishment. Feibush went to the Zoning Board for a variance and got approval to go ahead.

The community continues to object to that variance because they believe that—due to advertising on the Internet—people from other neighborhoods will drive to Point Breeze to hang out at the coffee shop, park on the streets nearby, and block emergency and police vehicles that need to maneuver. Has anyone spoken to police and fire officials from that block? Was the relevant police station included in the zoning process? If police and fire approved of the coffee shop's location and didn't see that it endangered the work they had to do, it's hard to imagine why the residents would continue to object.

The full filing (38 pages, but fascinating) is online here.

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