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Parking Authority: You Won't Get Murdered in Our Garages!

The Philadelphia Parking Authority will never be easy to understand, we know that. But the below blog post is especially mysterious. It's sandwiched between a list of emergency contacts and a post about hearings by mail, and it ends with an entirely unsubstantiated assertion:

"In pop culture, parking garages are hot spots for shady dealings; attacks, kidnappings, robbers, rapes, and even murder. Urban legends have made parking garages seem so dangerous and unfriendly, that the writers of Parking Today created a long list of heinous and fictitious crimes that went down in fake garages. While the list only covers the last ten years, there's no shortage of gruesome offenses. The writers included scenes from Monk, Criminal Minds, and Collateral. Before you start to think twice about our own garages – don't worry. Parking garages in Philadelphia are a far cry from the ones represented by Hollywood."

Don't worry? We should just take it on faith? Why does the entire post make us feel 100 times more afraid of local parking garages than we ever did before?

· Parking Garage Crime in Pop Culture [PPA Blog]