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The Street Where They Lived: It's-Too-Late-Now Misnomers

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By Virginia C. McGuire

There are obvious benefits to naming your restaurant, clothing store, medical practice or Quaker meeting after the street it's on. Your customers will not have any problem remembering where you are, and word-of-mouth advertising is a dream.

Imagine the conversations:

Potential customer: "Where did you eat lunch?" Customer: "12th Street Cantina."

Potential Customer: "Isn't that, like, right between 11th and 13th? I'll have to check it out."

But what if 12th Street Cantina moved and was no longer on 12th Street? Or what if it's still sort of near 12th Street, but it's now in the Reading Terminal Market, which is technically on Arch? That's when you start to regret naming your business after your address back in the day. · 8th Street Music, formerly of Chinatown, moved out of state when their building collapsed five years ago. Store employee Rich DeCarlo says, "We're just about 10 minutes from the old store." They're now in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

· Green Street Friends Meeting was originally in Northern Liberties, but it moved after some drama over schisms within the Society of Friends. It's been located on School House Lane in Germantown since 1828.

· Dock Street Brewing Company is in the old firehouse at 50th and Baltimore in West Philly, not on the Society Hill street that was once a creek that emptied into the Delaware.

· 9th Street Internal Medicine is now on Locust Street, but it's near Ninth Street, so.

· Spruce Internal Medicine Associates is now on Walnut Street in the Curtis Building.

· 3rd Street Gallery is now on Second Street.

· Greene Street Consignment has eight locations in the Philadelphia metro area. Not one is on Greene Street.

· Paper on Pine is in "trendy Midtown Village," according to their website. Translation: They're on 13th near Sansom.

· Pine Street Dermatology and Society Hill Pediatrics are now in the same building at 12th and Locust.

· Spruce Street Video is now on 12th Street.

We bet you can think of others. Leave them in the comments.