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SuitSupply Is Coming to Philly—But Where?

A tipster writes: "According to their website, SuitSupply will soon open a store in Philadelphia. Any idea where/when this store will be opening? I just pray that it is in the city and not in the suburbs. Initial spaces that come to mind are the space at 1616 Walnut next to Joan Shepp or the former Daffys location." The last rumor we heard that was any fun about Daffy's was Forever 21, so we'll cling to that for now, thank you. There's supposedly a Fossil opening at 1616 Walnut but we like the idea of a SuitSupply in the space next to Joan Shepp, which was formerly Max Studio (RIP cute wrap dresses). The Philadelphia SuitSupply will be its fourth U.S. location. And they're hiring!