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Gallery: A Secret Bowling Alley in Ardmore

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[Photos by Laura Kicey]

Philadelphia fixture Todd Kimmell, who runs an Ardmore art gallery in an ancient Masonic lodge, calls himself a "jovial wiseacre." This is certainly one thing Kimmell is known for, though there's plenty of other stuff too: He was a well-known rock promoter/hanger-outter in the '80s; he founded the beloved artist moving company Mambo Movers; he's the founder and CEO of Liberty Lands Park's fun Lawn Chair Drive-In; and he's the owner of the Grand Review, a gallery whose exhibitions feature selections from Kimmell's Lost Highways Archive & Research Library, the world's largest private collection of material related to the history of living on wheels. Most recently he restored a little old bowling alley—very There Will Be Blood without the blood—that had only been used for storage in the Grand Review's Masonic home. Anyone can bowl there for free; just call ahead of time.
· The Grand Review