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Confirmed: SuitSupply Opens in February at 16th and Locust!

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SuitSupply's Market Maker Nish De Gruiter tells us the Philadelphia location of the hot menswear store will be at 16th and Locust and will open in late February 2013. The two-floor space is already designed (renderings to come) and the leveling out of the floors will start around December 1st.

De Gruiter picked 16th and Locust rather than a mall because that's where he sees the retail energy in Philadelphia. "I like the the whole vibe of downtown, especially right near Rittenhouse Square park," he says, noting the influx of retailers that have come to Center City in recent years.
As for choosing Philly as the new market, De Gruiter said, "We saw a lot of webstore orders from Philly and we had a lot of people who come up special to see us." He also noted that Philadelphia men "love their clothes." The new store will be full-service like the three other American locations, with a full selection of suits and a tailor on-site.