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Perhaps It Was the Jungle Vibe That Made the Sale

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From the green of the carpeting to the plants throughout the home, the jungle theme in this East Passyunk home is unmistakable. The carpeting spreads up the steps from the first floor like a tropical climber, taking some of the wall with it. Paired with that low acoustic ceiling, the living room says "humid" through a stuffed nose. Despite its aesthetic faults—acoustic ceilings, wood paneling, that carpet creeping mossily along upstairs—this house recently sold for $157,000, which isn't too bad for the seller given how much updating is required. (On the other hand, the original asking price was $164,999.) It's all about the location. East Passyunk is really hot right now, and it's only getting hotter. Jungle-hot, that is.
· Listing: 1829 S. Camac St. []