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Georges Perrier's House: What's the Scoop?

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No, the famous chef's house in Chestnut Hill has not been sold, according to Main Line real estate agent Tracy Pulos, who helpfully chimed in recently: "The last list price was actually $2.1 million (which it was adjusted to in the summer of 2012.) It is currently listed in the MLS with a status of "A/N" (which means "Active with No Showings")... It will be visible on public search engines once it goes "Active" again (estimated to happen on 12/1/2012.) It is a beautiful home, but it's been a tough couple of years... for all sellers, not just celebrities. Many properties that were purchased in a much stronger market 4-5 years ago have seen price declines. Fortunately, Philadelphia area residential sales volume is up in 2012... and prices are starting to work their way back up as well."
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