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Today: Kenyatta Johnson's Point Breeze Plan Aired in Council

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This morning at 10 a.m., City Council considers Bill 120755, proposed by Kenyatta Johnson, that would take 23 properties in Point Breeze by eminent domain and develop them as affordable and market-rate housing. The opposition to the plan is led by OCF Realty owner/Point Breeze neighborhood developer/Lotgate celeb Ori Feibush. Yesterday he posted this plea on Philadelphia Speaks:

I need you to show up in force [this morning]. Bill 120755 impacts each and every one of us. If I am at the hearing alone again this is all over.....years of hard work by all of us will have gone down the drain. If you think I am being dramatic I am not. These properties were strategically picked to stifle growth. They will stop progress. Please stand with me [this morning]. All you need to do is show up and be in the audience. You can speak if you want to but do not have to.

I have done absolutely everything I can do as a private citizen. Please come and spend one hour of your day tomorrow morning. If you don't come, you will realize in a year or two that I was will be too late then and the City will own even more vacant land in our neighborhood.

I am begging...please come and show the entire City that our voices deserve to be heard.

Whichever side you're on, the meeting is at City Hall at 10 a.m., room 400.